If a colony of bees arrives in your garden there is no need to panic. You should contact one of the following addresses below and the newly arrived swarms will be carefully removed.

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The Honeybees are truly the gardener's friend and are not the killer beast depicted in the cinema. If not for them and the other species of bees, plant life would be reduced to mainly wind-pollinated grasses and trees, as they pollinate most of the flowering plants. They have been doing this for millions of years, ever since the angiosperm plants appeared and needed a vector to transfer pollen. Their value to food production is priceless as they pollinate so many of the crops grown worldwide.



Ingo Oosthuizen
Tel: 061 242 336 / 081 124 7668
E-mail: ingo@dikaios.iway.na

We do catch newly arrived swarms. We do remove old swarms by taking of the roof, knock out walls, cut down trees, etc.

It all depends what needs to be done to remove the easiest and safest way. We charge for the removal of the bees and quotes will be done after the site inspection. We have a easy removal fee, normal removal fee and a difficult removal fee. Additional costs usually includes whether we need to hire tools, etc.

I work together with Tina Mare from Quality Pest Control. The two of us are Namibia Wild Honey productions.


Roland zu Bentheim
Cell: 081 635 7323
Tel / Fax: 224985

Ernst Ritter
Tel: 081 275 7146
e-mail: elritter@iway.na

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