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Cat Protections Society
The Cat Protection Society of Namibia is an organisation of volunteers who rescue and rehome unwanted, abandoned and feral cats. Please help us by adopting or by making a small donation.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals helps animals from people mistreating them and providing them a second chance by allowing them to be Adopted.
Orphaned kitten / Baby kitten

What to do if you have found a baby kitten, maybe an orphaned kitten that just lost its mother. You will probably come up with some questions. You can contact Birgit for either advice or for taking over the kitten.

  (dogs and cats)    
Contact person: Minda Coetzee    
Telephone: 061 241394    
Cell: 081 280 5444    
E-mail: minda@mweb.com.na    

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