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Contact Details:  
Sonja Bartlewski 081 149 2313

Emergency action for injured and orphaned wild birds

What to do if you find an orphaned or injured wild bird:
1. The quicker your response the better the birds’ chance for survival
2. Put the bird in a box. Make airholes in box, line with toilet or kitchen paper, close or cover box
3. Put the box in a warm and quiet environment
4. Call for assistance Liz 081-129-0565or Sonja 081-149-2313

Please do not:
1. …put the bird back into the nest before talking to a bird rehabber
2. …carry the bird around in a pocket, hand or on the shoulder
3. …allow small children to handle the bird. For its sake and theirs!
4. …keep the bird awake in a noisy room
5. …put the bird in a wire cage (such as a budgie/cockatiel cage)
6. …use cotton wool in the box
7. …force the bird to drink or eat
8. …keep the bird for days before enquiring about professional care.

Phone as soon as possible Liz 081-129-0565 or Sonja 081-149-2313


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